Protests against the Citizenship Amendment Bill have been taking place across India and people have taken to social media to share photos of the protests and comment on the same. A Twitter account, by the handle pepper_smoker, has compiled a thread of photos of protests from across India. 

Assam has been in the thick of protests, with government imposing a curfew (which was recently lifted) and implementing an internet shutdown. Widespread protests have also taken place in Meghalaya and Tripura.

Here's a look at the protests that have raged across other regions in India, against the contentious Citizenship Amendment Bill: 

1. Delhi

Jamia Protests against CAB
Source: Twitter/Evil_Ayaz
Jamia Protests
Source: Evil Ayaz

2. AMU, Aligarh

AMU Aligarh protests
Source: Twitter

3. Bangalore

Bangalore protests CAB
Source: Twitter/MemerMonk

4. Lucknow

5. Bhopal

Bhopal Protests
Source: Twitter/ShawiaBrar

6. Kolkota

Kolkota Protests
Source: Twitter/withlovePolo

7. Gulbarga, Karnataka

Gulbarga Protests
Source: Twitter/saddamjamadar71

8. Bihar

Bihar Protests
Source: Twitter/Faizanumar

9. Hyderabad 

10. Maharashtra

11. Calicut, Kerala

Calicut Protests
Source: Twitter/Anaz

12. Goa

Goa Protests
Source: Twitter

13. Kanpur

Kanpur protests
Source: Saifi Alam

14. Ahmedabad

15. Mumbai

Mumbai Protests
Source: Twitter

In light of the on-going protests, the government has implemented an internet shutdown in select North-Eastern states, including Assam and Tripura.