Yakub Memon has been hanged and the social media has swung into action with people expressing mixed emotions on Facebook and Twitter. When a controversy is brewing up, how can the Twitter-happy master of foot in mouth stay back?

Source: The Indian Express

Yes, Digvijaya Singh has done it again, putting his party in a tight spot with his words. In a tweet, Diggy expressed his excitement about the coincidence that “funerals of two Indian Muslims” were being held on the same day, Abdul Kalam who made the country proud and Yakub Memon who brought shame to the whole community by indulging in terrorism.

These tweets, like many of Singh’s statements, were not taken as positively as he had hoped. Twitterati lashed out at him for putting Kalam and Memon in the same statement.

BJP suggested that if Sonia and Rahul Gandhi did not condemn the statement it probably meant they agreed with it as well. Ravishankar Prasad indicated that reluctance from Congress’ end in condemning the statement can be taken as an indication that it may be the party’s overall opinion.

Singh, in his defence, clarified that he only wanted to draw attention to the contrast of the situation, and had no intention of giving a communal colour to the issue as alleged by BJP.

Poor old Diggy. He is always controversy’s favourite poster child.

Feature image source: Twitter