While taking political mileage from almost any incident is not new in India, brand Amma managed to cast its shadow on the funeral of Sepoy G Ganesan, who lost his life, alongside nine others, in an avalanche in Siachen.

In an outrageous display of sycophancy, a state minister Sellur Raju, who also brought a cheque for Rs 10 lakhs on the government’s behalf, held a portrait of CM J Jayalalitha against the coffin of the martyr, as locals had gathered in Madurai to pay their respects.


The action by the minister is the latest in a series of gimmicks by the Tamil Nadu government to promote its chief minister. These include her pictures on flood relief material and couples at a mass marriage wearing bands with her image.

The minister also went on to make a gesture to the martyr’s mother, asking her to look at the picture and see who exactly the money was from, Jagran reported. These actions by the minister enraged locals present there, who described it as an insensitive act in front of a martyr’s coffin.