If you've ever watched or read any science fiction, you know that one of the main ways to get around the problem of deep space travel is via a wormhole. These instant transporters can, in theory, carry you across space in a few moments.

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Now, scientists have released a step-by-step process on how to create a wormhole. The only trouble is, the equipment doesn't exist.

Theoretically, the whole thing is as easy as making a cup phone. Except instead of 2 paper cups, you need 2 black holes connected to each other by a cosmic string (a theoretical object), as long as the diameter of the universe is not wider than a proton. According to the theory of relativity, a wormhole is a bend in the space-time continuum that connects two distant parts of the universe through a tunnel that exists in a hypothetical one-dimensional plane

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Research published on arXiv has shown that scientists have found a way to create a more stable wormhole. This could be used to transfer messages and even objects before it disintegrates.

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Their theory posits that a negatively charged black hole connected to a distant positively charged black hole will basically create a bridge (Einstein-Rosen Bridge). However, one of the main problems is that the black holes will be attracted to each other by gravitational and electrical forces. Using the cosmic strings, the black holes can be kept in place and connected to each other to make them more stable.