Prime Minister Narendra Modi might not have guessed what was coming in response to his his attack on Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar during a pre-poll rally in which he criticized Kumar for changing political allegiances, alleging there might be “some problem with Nitish Kumar’s DNA.”

Tens of thousands of people from Bihar have been sending DNA samples to PM Narendra Modi, accusing him of insulting people from the state, BBC reported.

ource: BBC

Officials say Modi’s office received dozens of mail bags containing nail clippings and hair in the past week.

After Modi’s rant against him, Kumar said Modi’s comment implied that the DNA of Biharis was poor. He also vowed to send five million DNA samples to Modi in protest.

Head of Delhi’s postal services, Vasu Mitra informed Prime Minister Modi receives two-to-three mail bags every day, averaging 1000s letter per bag.

Source: Indian Express

According to a postal department official, they have delivered 47 bags to the prime minister’s office in the last few days, the report said.

Many are marked with the Hindi words “shabd wapsi” – “take your words back” – and contain letters with hair strands and nails.

An official from Mr Kumar’s Janata Dal United (JDU) party in Bihar told BBC 600,000 DNA samples have already been sent to the PM’s office.

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