Duty, sometimes, proves to be the biggest drive behind actions, and this story proves the same.

When a 45-year-old Covid-19 patient breathed his last in a hospital in Peddapalli, the tractor driver supposed to take his body to the crematorium, backed out. 

Times Now/Representational Image

Despite many attempts from the Dr. Pendyala Sriram, the district surveillance officer, he didn’t agree.

So, the medic did what needed to be done, he drove the tractor himself. 

The hospital was provided a tractor because it does not have an ambulance or a mortuary. In an interview given to The Times of India, the doctor said:

It was already six hours since the patient had died. The family was getting restive. The staff too was not comfortable seeing a body still lying there.

He added that it was his duty to give a dignified funeral to the patients. 

As the cases of people not being provided proper funerals increase, there is so much to learn from the doctor who made sure his patient was cremated with respect.