The farmers’ protest has been going on for over 100 days, and one of the many people supporting the protests is American cardiologist Dr. Swaiman Singh. 


Dr. Singh has been hosting a free medical camp at the Tikri border for the past 3 months. And now, Dr. Singh has put his return to the US on hold, in order to continue providing requisite aid to the people in need. 

As per ANI, Dr. Singh runs the only super specialty hospital at the Tikri border, treating anywhere between 4,000 to 6,000 patients per day. These include everyone, from protesting farmers, to policemen, to locals. 

We give service to everyone, not just farmers. Locals, policemen, and CRPF men also come here to get treatment. On average 4,000 to 6,000 people get treated at our camp in 24 hours. The camp works till night. This is the only super specialty hospital in Tikri. 

In fact, Dr. Singh would host a medical camp every year and first came to the protesting site because one of his former patients suffered a stroke. However once at the site, he noticed the lack of medical facilities at the site and decided to help in any way he could, even if it meant giving up on his well- paying job in the US. 

People were dying on the roads. There comes a time in life where we have to think about others rather than ourselves. As a doctor, I have signed up to serve. This is my duty. All of our services are free of cost. 
ANI News

Apart from providing medical services, Dr. Singh and his team have also set up a library at the site and provide shelter to close to 10,000 people.