Apart from long work hours, lack of sleep and constant interaction with Covid patients, our healthcare workers also have to wear PPE kits, all day long, to keep themselves protected.

And for those who don’t know, PPE suits aren’t the most comfortable garments and they also have certain side effects. Like this.


Recently, a Twitter user named Dr Syed Faizan Ahmad shared a picture of his wrinkled hand on social media that was caused due to wearing PPE suit for a long period of time under warm and humid climate conditions. 

According to the post, profuse sweating was the cause of the wrinkling.

This picture speaks for itself. Our frontline warriors are working hard, day and night, to save our lives, even under unfavourable climatic conditions. 

After seeing this image, netizens expressed their gratitude and respect for the healthcare workers. 

Healthcare workers are sacrificing a lot to save our lives and we can’t thank them enough for their efforts. Respect!