In a bizarre incident, more than 20 employees, including nurses, doctors and other hospital staff, transformed the out-patient department (OPD) ward of a hospital in Chembur into a dance floor, turning away patients while they were enjoying the festivities, reported NewsX.

The incident came to light when an unidentified complainant shared a video of the event and the hospital’s staff is now facing an inquiry for organizing the event in the civic hospital’s premises.

The Diwaliben Mehta Hospital, popularly known as Maa Hospital, has an OPD that sees over 800 patients. But on March 2, the day the program was organised, only about 377 patients were examined by doctors, and the complainant in the case has also accused the women of dancing to very loud music despite hospitals being ‘silent zones’, reported Times of India

b’Video grab’

The hospital’s chief medical officer refuted the allegations and claimed the hospital had attended to a considerable number of patients. He added that the hospital normally organises the event on the terrace, but since it was under renovation, the party was held in the hospital’s OPD.

The inquiry into the incident is being conducted by Dr. Usha Sharma from a BMC-run hospital in Vikhroli and the report is expected to be out in a couple of days.

Here’s a video of the event:

(Feature image source : PTI | Video grab)