We are going through a tough time. The coronavirus is spreading rapidly in India and the central government is taking all the necessary steps to break the chain of transmission. One of them being 21 days lockdown.

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It is definitely not easy for a nation of 130 crore people to go into lockdown overnight. It has its own set of challenges. 

Sudden lockdown in India has led to panic buying, hoarding, crowding and at some places harassment of people who are out to deliver essential services by the authorities.

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The situation is surely challenging and it needs to be dealt in a way that doesn't put anyone's life at risk.

A doctor and 2018 batch IAS officer, Haaris Rasheed, tweeted about his experiences as a doctor and how they taught him to listen to people and be considerate towards them.

It's easy for doctors or medical staff to get irritated by the patients. There are hundreds of them. But if you look closely, each patient is different.

They have to stand in long queues to for registrations and consultations. All through this, they look upon the hospital staff with hope.

It is important that the doctors listen to them patiently and not get irritated unnecessarily.

The officer's tweet makes so much sense today in the wake of harassment of security guards, delivery boys and others who are venturing out of their homes to do their duties or buy essential items, amid lockdown.

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He urges everyone in power to wait, listen and understand. It's a rare situation in India and it's natural for people to panic. There are people who do not have access to resources like rich and they need to go out of their home to buy daily essentials.

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This is not a matter of one or two days. It is a long battle. We need to be patient if we want to win. There's a reason why people are going out despite the pandemic. Authorities should be firm and strict in implementation of rules, but this does not give them the permission to be brutal.

It is important that the police officials and authorities who have the responsibility of making this lockdown a success be considerate and humane and not just beat the shit out of people. 

The present situation is a tensed one for everyone, including those in power. But if we fight this together, with understanding and patience, we'll win over it for sure.