Caution: This will break your heart. 

We, as a species don’t deserve dogs. They are the purest and the kindest of everything in creation. If we were all like dogs, the world would be a much better place. 


If you’ve seen the news, you must have hard about the landslide in Munnar’s Pettimudi, where at least 56 people have been declared dead. Search and rescue teams have been looking for the 80 plantation workers who were buried alive. 

On Friday afternoon, the search and rescue team came across a dog near a river, some four kilometres away from the site of the landslide. 


After feeling that the dog was trying to take them somewhere, they followed him. He led them to a body lying in the dirt. According to Bangalore Mirror, the body belonged to Pratheesh Kumar’s two-year-old daughter Dhanushka. 

The dog has been identified as Kuvi, who the family had taken in as a pet. Dhanuska was his playmate. 

After the body was retrieved and brought to the ground, Kuvi collapsed near the rescue team, unable to bear Dhauska’s death. 


The body of Dhanuska’s father was found a couple of days ago, while the bodies of her mother and sister are still missing. The grandmother is the only member of the family still alive.