Dogs are the purest souls on this planet and maybe the only creatures to love us humans unconditionally.

Just like Toto, a Labrador dog who’s been waiting outside a hospital in Argentina for over a week, for his dead human to return.

Daily Mail

According to a report by Daily Mail, Toto’s human asked his relatives to bring the dog to the hospital so that he could see it one last time, 

After Toto’s human passed away, the relatives forgot to take Toto away. Since then, he has been waiting outside the hospital gate for his master to return.

Daily Mail

Talking to Daily Mail, a local resident who is looking after the dog said,

 “He seems to believe his owner is going to come out someday to take him home.”

Love and loyalty of dogs know no bounds and Toto is a living example of this.

All images sourced from Daily Mail.