In yet another case of animal abuse, a dog in Kerala was rescued by the People for Animal Welfare Services after he was found with duct tape wrapped around its mouth for almost two weeks. 

According to reports, the People for Animal Welfare Services (PAWS) said the 3-year-old dog seemed to be in pain and was unable to open its mouth to even drink water. 

They also stated that they found the duct tape wrapped multiple times around the dog’s mouth, as if someone tried to force it shut. While talking about his condition, Ramachandran, secretary of PAWS, Thrissur said:

We thought that a single wrap of the tape was made around the dog’s mouth. But when we found the dog, there were several layers of tape, wound so tight that it had almost pierced deep into the skin and the bones around the nose had become visible. As soon as we removed the tape, the dog drank two litres of water. 

After many locals called the concerned authorities to inform them about the dog’s condition, he was finally rescued and taken to the hospital for treatment. 

Initially, the team couldn’t find the dog after they received the calls. They claimed, it might have been hiding from people as it seemed to be afraid. 

They also clarified the fact that he was in fact, a domestic dog as he had a collar around his neck when he was rescued but, no enquiry was made by anyone yet, claiming to be the owner. They said:

We can’t say who did this. The dog might have barked continuously and someone might have wound a tape around the mouth to stop the barks. It might have wandered away from the house and entered another. So far, there have been no calls to enquire about the dog by anyone claiming to be the owner. 

A police complaint has been filed in the matter. The helpless creature has been given antibiotics and is stable now but, he is still weak.

Apparently, the dog went without eating or drinking water for almost two weeks. 

Just a few days ago, the killing of a 2-month pregnant elephant in Kerala, who was apparently fed pineapple stuffed with firecrackers, shook the entire nation. 

Devastating! Animal abuse needs to stop. We hope strict action is taken against the culprit/culprits.