Apart from being really adorable, a few things dogs get make us hoomans really jealous. 

Just like this massive dog who wanted to be rescued from a mountain top, just because it was too tired to walk down. 

Bull Mastiff named Floyd
Source: ABC News

Floyd was hiking with his owner, on Sunday evening, when he felt too tired after reaching the summit. When there was no way the 86-kg dog would walk down, his owner had to call for help, reveals CNN

Floyd being rescued
Source: Daily Mail

Thanks to the Salt Lake County Sheriff's office, help arrived on time for the mastiff and his owner who were stuck at the top of the Grandeur Peak Trail. 

According to Floyd's owner, he had to call for help after Floyd refused to walk down further and temperature in the area started dropping quickly. 

Floyd striking a pose as rescuers do their job
Source: People

Sgt. Melody Gray of the Unified Police Department, which worked with the sheriff's rescue team, later said: 

The team is completely volunteer. They had no hesitation whatsoever, even when they heard it was a dog.
Floyd under the right protection
Source: Fox News

The rescue team strapped Floyd to a stretcher and then descended towards the base. The team also posted a video of the dog being taken down the hill. 

After help arrived, it was amazing to see how comfortably Floyd let the officials rescue him and take him back to safety. Just like he planned the darn thing to happen! With doggos, you never know.