Dogs are the best examples of loyalty and companionship. They recognise people around them and stick with them in the face of tragedy. At times, this can have some truly hearbreaking consequences.

One such instance happened in Uttarakhand following the recent flash floods. A 2-year-old dog named Blackie reportedly did not leave the Tapovan hydropower project site for 3 consecutive days.


He was apparently waiting for the men who worked at the plant and went missing in the disaster. These men would pet him and give him food when they came to the site to work.

Speaking to TOI, Rajinder Kumar, who narrowly escaped the disaster explained that Blackie was not around on the night of the flooding. When he returned next morning, his world had changed.

India TV

Despite the rescue teams shooing him away because of the use of a lot of heavy machinery in rescue operations, Blackie didn’t leave.

He seems anxious to the locals who have decided to take care of him as of now. One of the locals who is looking after him told TOI:

It’s like we have adopted him. He sits outside the tunnel all day, all night, waiting. We hope he gets to see them soon again.

Let’s hope he meets his men again.