As domestic flight operations resume after two months, fliers share their experiences of what one can expect at the airports, while boarding flights. 

As we all embrace the ‘new normal’ here’s a glimpse of what flying looks like nowadays. 

1. Passengers wear face shields on-board flights to take precautions. 

2. AAI’s official Twitter account gives a glimpse of what the ‘new normal’ looks like. 

3. In a series of tweets, this Twitter user documents his experience while flying. 

4. This ground report gives information on what it will be like at airports. 

5. With pre-entry to security check and boarding, Bengaluru airport is equipped to give a contact-less journey experience to fliers. 

6. Proper guidelines have been put in place to follow social distancing at airports. 

7. Flight crew in PPE suits and passengers with face shields and gloves, this is what travel will be like. 

8. While waiting to board flights, passengers maintain social distancing. 

9. PPE suits are made available for children, in all shapes and sizes as domestic flight operations resume. 

10. Hyderabad airport is equipped with contact-less boarding and self baggage check-ins. 

The ‘new normal’ is here to stay.