Sitting on the floor in Delhi metro is a common sight on days when there is unusual rush. But witnessing the same when there’s ample seating space available is quite uncommon.

The photograph shared by a Twitter user has gone viral on social media, sparking a debate on class system and inequalities prevalent in our society.

This picture shows a mother and and her child sitting on the seat in Delhi metro, while the lady sitting on the floor is assumed to be the child’s caretaker.

Tweeple have come out with their own set of interpretations. 

Is it the inherent class system in our society that might have forced the lady to sit on the floor?

It could be her choice too.

While some still doubt if she was the child’s nanny.

Nanny or not, the picture has already initiated a meaningful debate. In India, reserving separate cutlery and utensils for our domestic help is a common sight. We go out on restaurants with the people who help taking care of us, but usually have them sit somewhere else and not next to us. 

This classism, is deeply inherent and sadly we treat them badly. Time we learnt to respect labour and treated people better.