It sounds rather ridiculous at first. Chhota Rajan, who was recently arrested in Bali and is wanted in 17 murder cases and several more attempted murders, doesn’t trust the Mumbai police.Then, it gets sillier. He doesn’t trust the Mumbai Police simply because he alleges that some of the cops are still working for Dawood. Of course, none of them ever worked for him if he is to be believed.

“Mumbai Police has committed a lot of atrocities on me and I don’t trust them. There are some in the Mumbai Police who are working with Dawood. The Delhi Government should do justice with me keeping that in mind. I am not scared of Dawood and I will continue fighting against him and terrorism,” Rajan told the media.

As if we hadn’t had enough, Rajan also let slip that all ‘cases’ against him are false and baseless. He pleaded with the Indian government to do him justice. There are reports that he will be deported from Indonesia to India tonight itself.

Maharashtra CM Fadnavis has, meanwhile, turned around and said that Rajan will indeed be brought to Mumbai first and he will be housed in the infamous Arthur Road jail.