Twitter is testing its own version of stories. Yes, the new feature called ‘Fleets’ will allow users to post photos, videos, and text that’ll disappear after 24 hours.


While the new stories-like feature is initially only being tested in Brazil, netizens aren’t quite impressed.

#RIPTwitter started trending on Twitter and people are questioning the platform for this ‘unwanted’ feature.

Many people pointed out that they need an edit or save bookmarks options on Twitter and not the 24-hour stories.

Others mentioned the reasons for which they left social media platforms like IG and FB and now Twitter is following their footsteps.

Clearly, netizens do not want Twitter to turn into another Instagram or Facebook. Some users also feel that social media won’t be the same anymore if Twitter introduces this feature.

There are others who aren’t ready to take the stories shit on Twitter.

Twitter is one of the last major social platforms to test out a Stories format. From Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook to WhatsApp and YouTube, almost all other popular social media platforms already have this feature.

What do you think about this new feature? Yay, or Nay?