Bussa Krishna, a Telangana-farmer, also famously known as the ‘Trump Bhakt’ has taken his love for the US President to new heights. He erected a 6-feet-tall statue of Trump on his birthday on 14th June. He also performed a puja of the statue with milk.

Donald Trump may not be the crowd’s favourite, but this Indian devotee puts the States to shame. 

The Telangana farmer has also installed a photo of Trump in his puja-room and claims that he prays to Trump every day, along with other Hindu gods and goddesses. 

The Express Tribune

As a part of his morning ritual, he applies a teeka to the photo of Trump and offers flowers and turmeric, and even performs aarti of the photo

The statue of Trump has reportedly cost him Rs. 1.3 lakhs of his own money. 

Krishna has dismissed all allegations that he is praying to Trump for publicity, instead saying that he only does this to improve US-India relations. Krishna also told ANI

I have installed Donald Trump’s statue on his birthday and I pray to him like a God. For the first time, I saw Trump in my dream and it (recently) repeated for the second time. On the day of the India vs Pakistan cricket match, I saw him in my dream and thankfully India won the match. Since then, I have even kept Trump’s picture as a wallpaper in my mobile,

When asked what is it about Trump that he likes the most, Krishna found his straightforwardness and honesty the most impressive

Twitter obviously had things to say.

Jai Shri Trump!