US President Donald Trump loves talking to ladies and well, talking about them too.

To congratulate Ireland’s new Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar, Indian-born and first gay leader, Trump called a small group of journalists in his office and made the congratulatory call.

However, something bizarre or rather something reminiscent of Trump’s past activities took place.

Trump while talking to Varadkar said, “We have a lot of your Irish press watching us right now. We have all this Irish, beautiful press present here.”

And then while calling out one female journalist, Trump asked her, “Where are you from? Come here, come here…”

The journalist was identified as Caitriona Perry, the Washington correspondent for Radio Teilifis Eireann.

After calling out Perry, Trump while laughing told Varadkar, “She has a very nice smile on her face so I bet she treats you well.”

“He thanks you for the newspapers, Caitriona,” President Trump added.

While Perry laughed off the moment, she later took to Twitter and described the moment as “bizarre.”

No sooner did she share the video that it became massively viral and several Americans apologized to Perry for their “weird President.” Some others blamed her for criticising Trump.

(Feature image source: Video screengrab)