In his latest offensive, Donand Trump trained his guns on India while speaking to his supporters on Friday in Delaware – a hub for the America’s banking and credit-card industry.

To make a point about countries like India and China snatching away jobs from Americans, Trump narrated to the audience an anecdote in which he claimed to have called his credit card company to find out if their representatives were from the US.

So I called up, I tell the guys I’m checking on my card, I said, ‘Where are you from?'”

Trump then impersonated someone responding in what everyone is calling a “terribly fake Indian accent”, saying, “We are from India.”

Oh great, that’s wonderful,” Trump said, and made a gesture to show that he hung up after that.

Lamenting what has become of America, Trump said to the audience, “You’re talking to a person from India. How the hell does that work?

Watch the video here:

“India is stripping business from US”

He said, “You can’t allow policies that allows China, Mexico, Japan, Vietnam, India. You can’t allow policies that allows business to be ripped out of the United States like candy from a baby.”

“The manufacturing jobs are being stolen. Our jobs are being taken. We are losing at every front. There is nothing good. Our country does not win any more. The jobs are being stripped. Factories are closing. We are not going to let this happen anymore.”

“But India is great”

After the offensive, came some token praise to ensure he doesn’t antagonise potential Indian American voters. Trump went on to describe India as a great place, asserting that he is not angry with Indian leaders.

India is great place. I am not upset with other leaders. I am upset with our leaders for being so stupid.”

Trump’s jibe though has attracted strong reactions on Twitter