Reactions to US presidential candidate Donald Trump’s inflammatory remarks have been fast and furious. Trump offended Mexicans when he recently said, “Mexicans were sending its worst citizens over the border and that the US was becoming a dumping ground for these discards”.

Now Mexicans have hit back at him. Trump piñatas have been put on sale across the country. Businessmen are selling the popular candy-filled characters in the image of Trump, complete with a very big mouth and a dollop of bright yellow hair.

“This pinata especially is the one everyone wants to break,” Dalton Ramirez, the artist responsible for the piñatas, said in the northern city of Reynosa.

Here is the video

NBC Universal has also said it will no longer broadcast Miss USA or Miss Universe pageants, which are co-owned by Trump, after he attacked Mexico for sending ‘rapists’ to US.

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