The President of United States, Donald Trump, is famous for his Twitter gaffes every now and then. Earlier it was about not believing a thing like global warming and now he’s gone ahead and outdone himself, once again. 

According to a tweet from his official handle, it can be made out that he thinks the Moon is a part of the planet Mars. 


Questioning NASA through a tweet, Donald Trump had rebuked the organisation for paying unnecessary attention to the Moon. He found it senseless to fund another Lunar mission, saying, “we did that 50 years ago”.  

Of course it took Twitterati no time at all to lambast Donald Trump for his poor knowledge of celestial bodies and some of the replies were downright hilarious. 

Clearly he knows Mr. President’s limitations.

The joke’s on you Donald! 

The tweet from Donald Trump may not go down well with the NASA scientists working tirelessly on various Lunar missions and it may just be a case of bypassing those missions now, to head straight for Mars.