DDLJ. Cricket. Diwali. Hindu. Proud. Sardar Patel. Chiiwala. Suchin Tendulkar.

In case you missed it, that’s Donald Trump’s speech at Ahmedabad in a nutshell. 

The US president, who is on a trip to India along with wife Melania Trump and daughter Ivanka, made sure he hit all the right notes with the Indians – and apart from umpteen Bollywood and cricket references, kept reiterating ‘America loves India’.

Jo thoda zyaada ho gaya. Not to mention, Chiiwala. Anyhow, Twitter is tripping and here are some of the reactions.

Now, it’s not like everyone was making fun of the speech. Some people really seemed to appreciate it.

The speech might have been overcompensatory, it might have been cheesy and factually incorrect. But, it was entertaining, you have to give him that.