If you thought, you could escape the unending madness that’s enveloping our country, think again. In another shocking move, the BJP-led South Delhi Municipal Corporation has ordered food stalls in the region to not put non-veg food items on display, citing hygiene and ‘sentiments of people’, NDTV reported. 


According to the report, the BJP ruled SDMC saw the proposal being brought up by a councillor from Najafgarh’s Kakrola village and was approved. The Leader of the House, Shikha Rai justified the decision saying that the sentiments of the people were hurt by the sight of meat. 


The proposal holds true for both raw and cooked meat displayed outside shops. The resolution will not be headed to the Commissioner who will examine it and then decide whether to accept it or not. 


Meanwhile, the opposition has been extremely critical of the move. Congress councillor Abhishek Dutt said that the BJP was interfering in people’s personal lives. He said that if it was about hygiene, then challans could be issued. 


The Indian Medical Association has also objected to it saying that all food must be hygienic, irrespective of its type. Now, we are not saying it has less to do with hygiene and more to do with the contaminated values of sanskars but it sure seems like it.