Too lazy to wake up in the morning? Or are you reaching your destination at an oddd hour? Whatever the case might be, you needn’t lose your sleep over it anymore. Indian Railways has launched a new service that will ensure you get a ‘wake-up call’ on your mobile phone half-an-hour before the scheduled arrival of your station, Economic Times reports.

Genius? We agree. But that’s not all, the Railways have also started a new facility called ‘train destination alarm cell’. As its name suggests, it enables passengers to get an alert call 30 minutes before reaching their destination. No need to squint at obscure sounding station names just to figure out if yours is next.A joint initiative of IRCTC and Bharat BPO, the twin services are available to all travellers as long as they ring up the Railways enquiry number 139.

Source: Iceconnect

“The user needs to enter the required data such as PNR number, station name, STD code of station while calling up 139 for getting the wake-up alarm,” a senior Railway Ministry official told Economic Times.

After registering all the inputs like PNR and station name on 139, the system will check current position of the train before sending the alert call. So if your train overstayed at a station, you will still know the correct time of arrival.

139 customer service also provides information related to Tatkal seat availability, cancellation, refund rules and platform position.

So, go on, book that ticket for your next holiday destination without worrying about missing your station.