We often come across incidents where a lot of people lose their lives in bomb blasts. Even reading about the fatalities caused by bombs is a scary experience. This feeling gets intensified, especially if there is news about a bomb threat in a school where the lives of many students, teachers, and janitors are at stake. It happened in reality last week. I am talking about Delhi Public School, Mathura, which has been grabbing headlines over a bomb threat that it received a while ago.

Delhi Public School, Mathura Road. Source: PTI

Later, the threat turned out to be a ‘hoax’. Now, the Delhi Police has identified a minor student behind it, who apparently ‘wanted to have fun’. Wait, what?

During the investigation, the police found out that the email ID from which the school authorities received the mail was linked to the 16-year-old student studying at the same institution.

Source: Tenor

According to a report by Times Now, the police stated that the student had sent the fake mail regarding the bomb threat to school administration. During his counselling session, the student told the cops that he had planned the prank “just for fun”.

The student also revealed that he got this idea from a hoax threat received at The Indian School in Sadiq Nagar of the national capital.

Source: ANI

“Being a minor, the student was neither detained, nor questioned. We have counselled him,” the officials said.

On Wednesday, DPS Mathura received the threat via email, claiming that a bomb was planted on its campus at Mathura Road and that it would be activated at 9 a.m. The cops had evacuated the premises, and no suspicious object was found during the probe.

Source: IANS

According to Deputy Commissioner of Police, Southeast, Rajesh Deo, the school principal had called the SHO of Hazrat Nizamuddin police station regarding the bomb threat, ANI, the news agency reported.

“Police have completed their search and clearance has been given. It has been declared a hoax. Cyber teams are locating the source of who sent the email,” SDM Defence Colony Gaurav Saini told ANI on April 26.

Hey kid! That wasn’t cool.