Doctors and healthcare workers have been working tirelessly to help COVID-19 positive patients while putting their own lives at risk. 

To help these healthcare workers against this pandemic, Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has manufactured bio suits for them with coating technology and nanotechnology that protects them from the virus.   

Deccan Herald

In a press statement, DRDO mentioned that the suit is made up of a special sealant which is an alternative to seam sealing tapes that prevents water from leaking through the suits or the seams of the suits. 

This suit has been prepared with the help of the industry and has been tested for textile parameters as well as protection against synthetic blood which is generally used as an alternative for real body blood. 

India Times

Even though the production capacity of these suits is 7,000 per day, DRDO added that the bio-suit production is being hampered due to non-availability of seam sealing tapes. 

Logical Indians

But they are finding different ways to make it work by preparing a sealant drawing inspiration from sealant used in submarine applications as an alternative.