India is the second most populous country in the world and nowhere is this most apparent than on our roads. It’s not surprising when a family of four owns four cars. All in all, driving in India is a nightmare. And if you’re a learner, you better start saying your prayers.

Here are the few reasons why was I never able to learn driving & even if I did I couldn’t take it forward.

1. In India, there are no roads, there are only traffic jams.

2. Speed breakers are not speed breakers. They are stunt-ramps.

3. Because you start learning in your Dad’s car.

4. Reversing your car feels like you’re participating in “Khatron Ke Khiladi.”

6. And then you mess up and press A instead of B and then you panic and you press C and then, NO!

7. If you are a learner, you’re perpetually scared of challans.

8. And you are absolutely petrified of road-raging angry Indians.

9. Because no one in India believes in using that magical device called an “Indicator.”

10. And if by mistake you ding someone’s car, it’s all you can do to stop yourself from having a nervous breakdown.

11. ‘Lane driving?’ What’s a lane?

12. If you’re learning in a metro, flyovers and ring roads become your worst enemies.

13. Of course, there’s always the probability of the random cow or dog happily running onto the road.

14. Not to mention people.

15. And since every Indian has one hand glued to the horn while driving, any mistake you make seems like a colossal sin.