Traffic police in Bengaluru is quite exasperated with the city’s traffic ways. In an effort to get the citizens to follow traffic rules, they have now used the help of ducks. You read that right — ducks. No fowl play involved.

“We used ducklings to drive in a point that even birds and animals follow a lane system. It is time we followed the lane system too to reduce accidents and congestion. Ants are the best example to emulate for human beings on the roads in growing cities,” additional commissioner of police (West) CH Pratap Reddy explained while launching the special drive on lane discipline on Bellary Road near Esteem Mall, reported The Bangalore Mirror .

The event went swimmingly. The police brought in the ducklings which were let free on the road and they duck-marched one behind the other in a line, driven by their natural instincts.

They are hoping the citizens will take a quack at it by winging it and seeing where the wind takes them.

Good duck with that, Bengaluru. Stay plucky and don’t get too daffy.