N Maheshwari is an armed reserve police inspector who led the Independence Day parade in Tamil Nadu and presented the guard of honour to Collector Shilpa Prabhakar Satish and Police Superintendent N Manivannan.

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N Maheshwari who is currently stationed at Tirunelveli district put her duty before her own family.

Despite her father's death a day before the parade, she decided to hold her head up and gracefully led a contingent in the Independence Day parade.

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On August 14, Inspector Maheshwari's 83-year-old father Narayanaswamy passed away due to an illness. She found out about this news a night before the parade.

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It was a tough decision for N Maheshwari, she chose to pay a tribute to her father by leading the parade and putting the funeral on hold. One of the police officials further mentioned:

Though she learnt of her father's death on August 14 night, she went for the funeral only after completing the parade (on Saturday morning) with a sense of patriotism.
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Deputy Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, O Panneerselvam tweeted his condolences which can be translated to:

I express my deepest condolences on the death of the father of Nellai Armed Police Inspector N Maheshwari. On the occasion of Independence Day mourning the death of her father, Maheshwari led the march to fulfil her duty.
Source: Deccan Herald

It was only after the parade that officer Maheshwari rushed to her father's funeral which was held in Dindigul district that was over 200 km from Thirunelveli.