Medical staff and frontline warriors from across the globe are going above and beyond their duty’s call to battle this pandemic. 

Putting his patients’ needs before his own, a doctor in Canada decided to shave off his beard to serve and treat patients with coronavirus. 

Montreal Gazzete

In the Sikh community, ‘Kesh’ (hair) is one of the strongest pillars of religious faith in which one’s hair is allowed to naturally grow to respect god’s creation 

Sanjeet Singh Saluja, an emergency room physician along with his neurosurgeon brother Ranjeet couldn’t fully secure or cover their faces with the N95 masks because of their beards .This prevented them from going too close to infected patients. 


The duo felt that this was a hurdle in treating patients who were suffering from Coronavirus. So they took the hard decision and shaved off their beard to completely involve themselves in the battle against coronavirus. 

Torn between the two pillars of their religious identity, Kesh and Seva, they chose to serve mankind (seva). In an interview with Montreal Gazette, Sanjeet opened up: 

But because Covid-19 has become so rampant in our community, it just wasn’t feasible anymore (not to wear a N-95 mask). There are so many people coming in. I felt I just couldn’t sit on the sidelines.  

We salute these braveheart frontline warriors and their tough decision to serve mankind over preserving their religious identity.