With the spread of awareness about the use of eco-friendly products, people around the world are finding innovative ways to ditch plastic.

This small tea kiosk in Madurai is a superb example of this.

The Logical Indian

Ditching plastic cups, the shop serves tea in edible cups made of chocolate biscuits. 

The Hindu

Priced at ₹20, each cup can reportedly hold 60 ml of hot tea for 10 minutes – generally the time taken for people to finish the tea.

After this the biscuit cup turns soggy on the inside and tastes very much like a biscuit dipped in tea.

The Better India

According to reports, the shop has sold at least 500 cups since opening first on 15th June.

Talking to The Hindu, Vivek Sabaapathy, the owner of the shop, said that more people would have come to his kiosk, if not for lockdown. He apparently spent a year searching for a sustainable alternative for plastic cups, before he zeroed down on these edible cups.

The Better India

Netizens are also lauding this innovation which can help us go a long way in reducing plastic waste.

Selling a unique brand of tea – RS Pathy Nilgiri Tea – the owner of the shop also plans to include other flavours of cups soon.

It’s time other shops also think about introducing these cups.