American whistle blower Edward Snowden has come out in support of The Tribune journalist who published a story which reported a major loophole in the Aadhaar database. 

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Published by a journalist named Rachna Khaira, the story revealed how you can get an unrestricted access to the personal details of people who have an Aadhaar card by simply paying Rs 500


Following this, the UIDAI filed an FIR against Rachna and three men Anil Kumar, Sunil Kumar and Raj whom she contacted during the course of reporting. 

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While most people were divided in their opinions on the matter, the journalist found support from Edward Snowden. 

In response to the FIR, Edward tweeted:

This was in response to the tweet by Indian journalist Rahul Kanwal, who wrote:

Edward Snowden is known for leaking classified information from the National Security Agency (NSA) where he worked previously. 

His disclosures revealed global surveillance programs, many of which are run by the NSA. 


Since then, he has been living in Russia as a refugee.