Losing a child can be devastating. And not everyone gets time to mourn the death of their loved ones.

There are people who have larger responsibilites to take care of. Like this auto rickshaw driver who ensured a better life for his grandchildren after losing both his sons.


Humans of Bombay recently shared his story. 

6 years ago, 74-year-old auto rickshaw driver, Desraj Ji, lost his elder son.

A day after his son’s death, he got back to driving his auto. With no time to grieve, he now had the added responsibilites of his daughter-in-law and grandchildren.


2 years later, his younger son also committed suicide. Sole breadwinner of the family, he kept going for the sake of his grandchildren.

Do beto ki chitaon ko aag diya hain maine, isse buri baat ek baap ke liye kya ho sakti hai?
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Soon after the cremation of his younger son, his granddaughter, who was in class 9 asked him if she needed to quit studies. To this, Desraj Ji replied:

Never! You study as much as you want.

He started working longer and drove his auto from 6 AM to midnight to support the family of seven. There were times when they barely had anything to eat.

All these struggles and adversities were nothing in front of his granddaughter’s success, who scored 80% in her 12th board exam. That day, Desraj Ji ferried his customers for free. He was on cloud nine.


When his granddaughter expressed her desire to pursue a B.Ed.course in Delhi, Desraj did everything he could to fulfill her dream.

I had to fulfill her dreams…at any cost. So, I sold our house & paid her fees. Then, I sent my wife, daughter-in-law & other grandkids to our relatives’ home in our village, while I continued staying in Mumbai without a roof.

It’s been a year. The auto is Desraj’s home. And he doesn’t have any complaints. Instead he concluded his interview by saying that all his pain vanishes when his granddaughter calls him to say that she stood first in her class.

He is just waiting to give his granddaughter a hug and tell her how proud he is when she becomes a teacher. After all, she will be the first graduate in their family.

And if you are wondering how he plans to celebrate, this is what the proud grandfather has to say:

Main toh poore hafte sakbo free ride dunga!

Feel like helping him out na? His story is being shared widely on Twitter and Instagram and people want to help him financially.

A Facebook user named Gunjan Ratti has started a fundraiser for Desraj Ji, which has raised more than ₹ 24 lakh at the time of writing this story.

The Humans of Bombay team also shared his phone number and address.

You can read the entire story here and if willing to help Desraj Ji, please donate here.