In a disturbing video doing rounds on social media, a drunk man is seen thrashing and slapping an elderly couple inside their mobile phone shop in Chandigarh.

The incident that took place on Thursday has been caught on camera and shows a man repeatedly slapping the elderly man and his wife.

Police has arrested the man and said he was drunk at the time of incident.

NDTV reports that man had come to the shop to meet the couple's son over some dispute about his handset. However, soon after the argument, the man started slapping them.

The video shows the elderly woman desperately trying to stop the man from assaulting her husband, but he pushes her away and headbutts the old man.

The man is also seen breaking the tubelight of the couple's shop while forcing them to pull down the shutters, and taking the elderly woman away with him.

The elderly man identified as Joginder told ANI that they have no personal enmity with anyone and don't know why he assaulted them.

He also said that people just watched while they were being assaulted and did not assist them in any way.

The assault has left Joginder with a fractured hand and his wife with a wounded jaw.

Feature image source: Video Screengrab