Tesla and SpaceX chief Elon Musk is the second-richest person in the world. He just hit a new milestone after his net worth jumped $25 billion in a day.

$25 billion - a number we find hard even to imagine. Here's a bunch of things you could imagine doing with that kind of money.

1. Buy 3.64 crore PS5 consoles, the standard edition of which is priced at ₹49,990 in India.

Source: Indian Express

2. Buy 40 crore full bottles of Jack Daniel’s Old No.7 (750 ml).

Source: Magicpin

3. Buy 1.1 crore iPhone 12 Pro Max (512 GB).

4. Buy 36,480 Lamborghini Aventador cars, each costing ₹5 crore.

Source: carandbike

5. Retain Virat Kohli for 10,430 years in IPL at the current salary of ₹17 crore per season.

Source: Times Now

6. Buy the most expensive pizza in the world 2 million times. FYI, the most expensive pizza in the world costs ₹77 lakh.

Source: renatoviola

7. Live Dan Bilzerian's life for 125 years.

8. Take around 1.8 crore trips to Maldives.

Source: CNT

9. Buy 2,004 crore litres of petrol at the price of ₹91/litre.

10. Buy the 10 most expensive islands in the world and still be left with $23.8 billion.

Source: beautifullife

11. Buy 12 Antilia kind of residential properties valued at $2 billion.

Source: GQ India

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