Airline services around the world have seen a massive cutback ever since coronavirus hit, and the business can understandably not sustain itself unless some new measures are taken. Now, one company has done just that.

Emirates will cover treatment and quarantine costs if a passenger catches Covid on their flights. They’ll even cover funeral costs if the person loses their life.

In a bid to boost passenger demand and incentivise people to fly again, the Dubai state-owned air carrier said it will cover medical expenses of up to EUR 150,000 (Rs 1.3 crore) and quarantine costs of EUR 100 (approximately Rs 8,800) per day for 14 days if a person contracts coronavirus during the trip.

Emirates Group CEO Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum stated that the move is an investment aimed at jump-starting the slump in air travel.

The offer is valid for 31 days from the start of the passenger’s journey and will run until the end of October.