As a general rule of thumb, any space can only thrive if it keeps up with time and updates its rules. Amidst the many bizarre policies that workplaces still have, discouraging tattoos or to a extent, not hiring an inked individual is at the top of the list.

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Case in point, a LinkedIn user shared how having a full-sleeve tattoo prompted others to frown upon her and offer her plenty of unsolicited advice.

Some also warned her that being a business professional with heavily armed tattoos would cause people to not take her seriously. (Seriously?)

But she saw a flicker of hope when she had to get an updated professional photo taken for her new role as a Partner at Evolution Capital Partners for the website. 

She asked the Managing Partner cautiously if she could have a photo shot without a blazer for her personal use on LinkedIn, but promised to wear one for the website photograph. She was stunned as she heard his response:

Let’s roll with the tattoos in both! Loud and proud!

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When you’ve become accustomed to wearing long sleeves in the heat of summer and tugging on suit coat sleeves in every meeting, it’s relieving to know that there are a handful of leaders, if not many, who not only allow you to be yourself but also encourage it.

Perhaps, this is the first step into the era of tattoos, piercings or even unconventional hair colours at workspaces!

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