This study is basically telling us what we have known for so long: niceness goes a looooong way. 

study published in the Harvard Business Review proves that employees who feel respected by their bosses and seniors tend to be more productive and more loyal to the organisation they work for. 

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The researchers in charge of the study conducted a global survey on 20,000 employees and asked them questions related to 5 different spheres, namely: health and wellbeing; trust and safety; enjoyment and satisfaction; focus and prioritisation; and meaning and significance. 


The study results saw the employees who felt they were respected by their seniors and leaders reported 56% more improvement in health and well-being. These employees were also 55% more engaged at work, as compared to those who did not feel respected by their leaders.

Statistics also showed that respected employees reported 89% more enjoyment and work satisfaction. They also had 92% greater focus and prioritisation for work. 


Respected employees benefit the organisation as well. Such employees were 1.1 times more likely to stay loyal to the organisation they are working for. The survey also indicated that respect was ranked the most important leadership behaviour. Employees value respect by seniority more than factors like recognition, communicating a vision, even feedback or opportunities for growth and learning. 

The survey also asked employers what may prompt them to behave in an uncivil manner, 60% of the participants answered that they were overloaded at work or did not have time to be nice to everyone. 25% of the participants talked about how they were just behaving like their seniors do.


Horrible bosses, are you listening?