As the world becomes a smaller place, travelling is becoming increasingly convenient, but what if one is able to travel a distance between London and New York in a matter of minutes? Charles Bombardier’s Antipode brings this dream to reality.

The man who introduced the Skreemr aircraft that could travel at Mach 10 speed, has come up with the hypersonic jet, and he claims that it can cover the distance from London to New York in just 11 minutes, The Times Of India reports.


Bombardier has developed this technology under Canadian firm Bombardier Inc., and he claims that the Antipode can reach a speed of Mach 24, which is 12 times faster than a Concorde, and can carry 10 people across 20,000 Km in within an hour.

One Mach is 1195 km/hour, which is the speed of sound. An aircraft at Mach 2 speed is travelling at twice the speed of sound, which means that a speed of Mach 24 was just a wild imagination, which Antipode claims to bring to life, as Bombardier wrote on his website.


The technology involves rocket boosters which push the plane to a height of 40000 feet and set it in motion at Mach 5 speed, before flying back to base. Following this, supersonic combustion engines are ignited, taking the jet to Mach 24 speed, making Antipode an ideal aircraft for business and military purposes.

Nozzles on the nose and wings will use air flowing through to cool the surface of the plane, which is a concept by NASA to prevent overheating.


The images for the Antipode concept have been created by the founder of a designer lab from India, Abhishek Roy. 

Feature image source: Imaginactive