An angry customer bolting out of a restaurant is certainly a worrisome sight for the management. The situation in a Los Angeles restaurant went out of control when a dissatisfied and angry customer left a 13-foot Python as tip.  

Hiroshi Motohashi, a pet store owner with a special liking for exotic animals, visitied the Iroha Sushi of Tokyo restaurant in LA, and after having paid $200 for his meal he started showing off a small snake to other diners present there. The management confronted him for this, and asked him to leave, The Telegraph reported

An angry Motohashi left the restaurant and minutes later returned with a 13-foot-long python – said “f*** you guys” – and dropped the large snake on the floor before walking out. 

Customers at the restaurant who were already creeped out by a small snake, were terrified by the sight of a yellow python slithering on the floor.  

The staff called for the Los Angeles Fire Department and Animal Services officials who took the intimidating yellow python away. 

Motohashi was later arrested on charges of making criminal threats. Both the snakes were sent into the care of the East Vale facility of Animal Services in Van Nuys, and were to be kept there until Motohashi showed proof of ownership and permits, Los Angeles Times reported.

In 2005, Motohashi was convicted for selling Gila monster lizards and sentenced to 15 months in prison. He was also caught selling exotic animals to an undercover officer in 1997.