Even as the toxic Delhi air has left people cooped-up indoors, struggling to breathe, PM Modi is inviting the world, or specifically Thailand, to visit India because 'it's the best time to do so'. 

However, an invitation to India may not be what the world is looking for currently. Because the situation has become dire that it has even attracted the attention of global media. And here's what they have to say about the 'Delhi Air Emergency': 

New York Times

NYT Delhi Toxic Air Article
Source: NYT

The Washinton Post

Washington Post report on Delhi pollution
Source: The Washington Post

BBC News

BBC News report in Delhi Smog
Source: BBC
BBC News report
Source: BBC

Fox News

Fox news report on Delhi Air Quality
Source: Fox News

The Independent

Delhi Gas Chamber report by Independent
Source: The Independent

The Guardian

Guardian reports on Masks in delhi for pollution
Source: The Guardian


Aljazeera news on Delhi Smog
Source: Aljazeera

People also took to Twitter to comment on PM Modi's invite to Thailand: 

I don't know about who wants to visit India, but I'd definitely not mind being invited to Thailand.