Remember the container ship that is stuck in the Suez Canal, blocking at least 12% of the global trade? Its name is Ever Given and it has been found that the whole crew on the ship is Indian. 

The Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement, the company looking after the ship, told the Associated Press that the 25-member crew on Ever Given is entirely Indian and is being taken good care of. 

Ever Given got stuck horizontally across the canal allegedly due to strong winds, and that is proving to be a big issue because the canal serves as the fastest link between Europe and Asia. 

It is being estimated that it will take authorities weeks to resolve this situation and until then, there is no option but all the other ships to wait, or to take another, longer route.

The number of these ships is 150. 

Anyway, while the situation at the canal seems pretty much out of control right now, Indians have found something to joke about. Even though it wasn’t really the crew’s fault that ship got stuck, Twitter is having a fun time with the idea, and here are some of the reactions. 

All jokes aside, we hope that the situation is under control soon and everyone on the ship returns home safely.