After almost a week of being stuck in the Suez Canal, Ever Given, the giant cargo ship was refloated, much to the relief of everyone. 

However, keeping in mind the seriousness of the damage that has been done in terms of business and money, an investigation into the matter is inevitable. 

And chances are that it may end in some kind of charges on the crew which is entirely Indian. 

A report from The Times of India on the same, quotes Captain Sanjay Prashar, member of National Shipping Board (NSB) as saying

Firstly, it has to be ascertained as to how the giant ship ran aground. Facts can be checked by examining and listening to conversation in the ship voyage data recorder and one can come to an understanding as to what caused the mishap.

The same report also suggests that the captain and some other members of the crew may be asked to stay in the same place until the investigation is comepltee. 

We must mention, though, that these are just the reports and what will really happen, remains to be seen.