With confusion about the coronavirus outbreak spreading across the continents, much like the flu itself, it is absolutely essential that people are given the right information so that they can protect themselves from this deadly disease.


And what better way to do it than by a catchy AF song. Recently one such Vietnamese song about the necessity of washing your hand has gone viral. The Vietnamese Ministry of Health used the tune from pop song Jealous to create an animated video with the lyrics telling people to fight corona.


The nation’s youth has taken to TikTok to perform the hand-washing dance moves, making sure to do it properly as the health professionals have recommended. One of these TikTok videos with has also raked in more than 2 million views.


The song was popularised by internet celebrity Qang Dang, who along with another dancer performed the song with some swag on the street with local food vendors. It also has the government-issued hashtag #ghencovychallenge. 

We want the song to give fire and reduce tension for those… leading this fight, including experts, doctors, medical workers and millions of labourers who are on the frontline to fight this epidemic daily

-Vietnam Health Ministry

The song is so popular now that HBO’s Last Week Tonight host John Oliver also called it a genuine “club-banger” in an episode about the same disease. 

You can watch the original video here: 

Vietnam reportedly had 16 confirmed cases of the coronavirus. However, the government says that all the patients have recovered and have been discharged.