Days after occupying Afghanistan, the Taliban has announced a new cabinet with Mullah Mohammad Hasan Akhund as the “acting Prime Minister”. The newly formed cabinet is expected to announce many new ‘reforms’ but the country has already seen a lot of change since it has been seized by the insurgent group. Here are some of them.

1. With a ‘fatwa’, the Taliban has banned co-education in Afghanistan, as it considers it to be the “root of all evils”. 


2. Women are not allowed to work at banks, in fact, a report suggests that days after occupying Afghanistan, the Taliban gunmen asked 3 women to leave the bank they were working at and said that the male members of their family can replace them.

3. The Taliban also asked women to stay at home because its gunmen are “not trained to respect them”. 

4. To protest against these regressive and dangerous steps taken by the Taliban, women have now taken the streets as can be seen in videos that have made their way to the world.

5. The new cabinet of Afghanistan does not have a single women on board.

6. No radio stations are allowed to function in Afghanistan now. Some cities have lost music altogether.

7. Naturally, television operators have begun censoring themselves, to align their content with the vision of the Taliban, out of fear.

8. Filmmakers will also have to change their profession if their work is against Sharia law imposed by the Taliban.

9. The country’s name is now the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, which was the name first opted for by the Taliban before the US took over the nation.

10. All the ads with women’s faces have been painted over, as they are considered to be “offensive”.

11. Women have been banned from playing any kind of sports.

“Just as cruel, but smarter now”.