When the entire world is suffering from different Covid-19 variants, a new strain called the Lambda variant is added to the list. It was first detected in Peru in South America and considered more transmissible than the Delta variant. Let us know more about it. 

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Among the other seven variants, the WHO, on 14 June, classified the Lambda as a variant of interest. It has now emerged in more than 25 countries. However, the first Lambda variant was found in Peru in December 2020. The UK Department of Health and Social Care, in a tweet on 5 July, warned everyone that this variant is more dangerous.


What is Lambda Variant?

The Lambda variant, also called C.37, lies within B.1.1.1 lineage. According to the reports in WHO, the Lambda variant carries seven mutations with suspected phenotypic implications, such as potential increased transmissibility or possible increased resistance to neutralizing antibodies. This variant is also accountable for 81% of the cases discovered in Peru since April 2021.

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The variant has a significant presence in Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Ecuador. So far six people have been infected in UK and all of them are international travelers. It has been recently found in Australia too. The Lambda variant also reduces the efficacy of Covid-19 vaccines but, researchers demand more studies.

So, far there are no cases of this variant in India. However, the variant is found in UK and other European countries.