Amidst tension and chaos at Shaheen Bagh, days after the Kapil Gujjar shooting incident, a woman donning a burqa was apprehended for filming secretly and asking too many questions on Wednesday, February 5.

The woman, who looked suspicious, was identified as Gunja Kapoor – a YouTuber analyst – known for her right-leaning ideologies. 

After she entered Shaheen Bagh, Gunja was caught filming by some of the women protesters who then realized her true identity. 

Later, police officials stepped in and whisked her away from the crowd to the Sarita Vihar Police Station. 

Despite the police taking her away, the protesters at Shaheen Bagh raised slogans against her and were seen asking reporters as to why she was hiding her real identity to visit the epicentre of protests in Delhi. 

In their response, the Delhi Police claimed they are investigating Gunja Kapoor for more information. 

Bolta Hindustan

Who is Gunja Kapoor? Here is everything you need to know about the woman who donned a burqa to enter Shaheen Bagh. 

A right-leaning analyst by profession, Gunja is the curator of a YouTube channel ‘Right Narrative’ according to her Twitter handle. 

Her 24,000 Twitter followers include bigwigs like Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP leader and lawyer Tejaswi Surya. 

Not someone without any academic credentials, Gunja comes across as a learned alumna of the Xavier Institute of Management, Odisha. 

She has also been an Associate Fellow of Pahle India Foundation, a not-for-profit think tank. 

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Even though an ardent right-winger by the look of things, Gunja was not always a fan of the saffron colour.

Scraping through her tweets, a few years ago, you can find her dissing the Prime Minister and showing complete disagreement to his style of governance. 

She was even seen campaigning for the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) before the 2014 elections. 

Whether for political mileage or just because she actually believed in changing sides, Gunja has a well-preserved past of creating ruckus and targeting political leaders and activities. 

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Just like her attack on the people of Shaheen Bagh, just hours after being caught filming the series of events secretly wearing a burqa. 

Despite the Delhi Police claiming they are looking for more answers from Gunja Kapoor, she tweeted about her safety and even thanked the police officials. 

Not sure whether the police took her away for questioning or simply protected her from all the legit questions directed towards her by the women protesters of Shaheen Bagh.